Membership Categories

Full Playing Members are entitled to play the course 7 days per week during the hours of daylight, subject to restrictions when Competitions and Matches are being played. They can obtain a recognised Club Handicap and are entitled to enter any appropriate Competition.

Conditions as for Full Playing but limited to partners residing together.

Conditions as for Full Playing but this category of membership is limited to those aged between 18 and 28 years, with a lower cost, varying between three age categories.

This category allows individuals to become a member of the Club for a period up to the next subscription renewal date to allow them to experience the benefits of being a member.

There is no restriction on times of play subject to the usual tee reservations and bookings. Once a handicap is allocated then competitions can be entered. The membership is only open for 1 year. Shares in the Club also have to be purchased (£100).

Limited to those over 85 years of age and who have been long term members.
Conditions are as per Full Playing and discounted rates apply.

This category is granted to long term members who have made a significant contribution to the running of the club over a long period of time.

For those aged between 18 and 22 and in full-time education.

Allows entry in competitions and with no restriction on playing times subject to the usual tee reservations.

Limited to those age between 6 and 17 years. Specific rules apply to Junior Members which are reviewed by the Junior Organiser. Coaching is given on Monday summer evenings starting at 6.00pm, when the course is usually reserved for Juniors.

To become a social member at Whitstable & Seasalter Golf Club

To encourage new members here at Whitstable & Seasalter Golf Club the Board of Directors have updated the conditions for new social members.

The annual membership from 1st April 2020 will be £150 including some Green Fees or £100 without, for this amount the member will receive:

  • a members club card in order to obtain the members' prices for the bar
  • a parking permit for one car in the car park
  • In addition, they will receive a ticket that allows them to play 4 rounds of golf here at the club, during the subscription year. The member will have to arrange times with the office, as to ensure it does not clash with matches or general tee reservations.

So what an opportunity to both enjoy the facilities of our great new clubhouse, but also to have a try at golf (if they like it they can progress to playing membership!)

Please note that existing social membership price is £100 per annum which does not include golf (unless they wish to change to the above, then please let the office know!).

We can offer those persons who are full members of another Golf Club the opportunity to become a member of Whitstable & Seasalter G.C.

There are no time restrictions to play subject to the usual tee reservations BUT certain Club competitions will not be able to be entered. They are also not able to represent the Club in matches (friendly matches excepted).

They still to have to purchase shares in the Club (£100).

Membership Subscriptions

Category Annual
Full Playing £708
Joint Full Playing £684
Senior £444
Junior up to age 13 £20
Junior age 14-18 £40
Intermediate age 18-22 £200
Intermediate age 23-25 £300
Intermediate age 26-29 £400
Trial (1 year introductory new members) £400
Student (18-22 years in full-time education) £100
Locker rental £48
Space in Trolley Shed £12
Social including some Green Fees £150
Social without Green Fees £100

These rates reflect a modest rise which is line with rises in the cost of living, the full members annual rate last year was £672.00. Our rates remain very competitive compared with other clubs in the area.


As per in 2019 a monthly payment option is available, to be paid directly to the Club by standing order from the members bank or building society. Please contact the office to discuss this matter.

Please note that we are changing banks from Barclays’ to Handelsbanken (a local bank based in Canterbury) in time for the new subscription year.

The Senior membership category rules are as per the current year in terms of who will be offered entry into this category of membership.

Juniors/Intermediate/student rates will remain as per 2019/20.

Social membership will rise to £100 per annum for 2020/21 for EXISTING members.

Age groups are applicable as of 1st April 2020.

We are now accepting Green Fees after 2.00 pm each day subject to availability at a cost of £20 for 18 holes or £10 for 9 holes. Availability and booking from the Secretary's office (01227 272020 Option1) Monday to Friday 10.00 to 12.30 or by e-mail on

Members will be aware that the issue of not offering all members upon reaching the age of 85 years a reduced subscription was raised at the A.G.M in November. As agreed at the meeting, the Board have taken this point away to discuss at the next board meeting, which took place in January 2019.

Following discussion at length by all the current Directors, the decision was made to offer the concession of senior membership to all members, who have been full members for at least 15 years continuously, when reaching 85 years of age.

Please can you confirm to the office if you fall into this age group, so that we can ensure we send you an invoice for the correct amount at subscription renewal time.

Members who already are in receipt of this reduction will continue to benefit from this.

Board of Directors
February 2019

The Board of Directors wish to encourage children and young people to join the club. This being so it has been decided to REDUCE the subscription rates for both junior and intermediate categories from 1st April 2019.
The subscription rates for juniors up to and including 13 years will fall from £30 to £20 per year
For those juniors between 14 and up to 18 it will fall from £60 to £40 per year.
Student membership for those between 18 and 22 in full-time education is £100

Intermediate membership for those between 18 and 22 years will reduce to £200
For those between 23 and 25 years it will reduce to £300
For those between 26 and 29 years it will reduce to £400
Full membership now applies at the age of 30

All these fees will remain fixed for the next three years.

Also to encourage juniors to take up the game, the Club are offering children or grandchildren (up to the age of 14) of a FULL/JOINT member free membership for then for one season (April to September ).
Maximum of two children per member
The child needs to register with the office and has ALWAYS to be accompanied by the parent/grandparent who is sponsoring the child. This is apart from junior evenings on Mondays at 5pm, when they will be accompanied by an England Golf approved helper

How to Apply

We have a wonderful new clubhouse to go along with the fantastic nine-hole golf course we have here on the outskirts of Whitstable. If fact you can be in the High Street two minutes after leaving the clubhouse!

We only have a  small number of membership categories which are; Full, Joint ( partners ), Trial (for the first year only and not existing members ), Intermediates (those under 30) and juniors. We do also have social membership which includes 4 games of golf.

We have a very straight forward policy regards those who wish to join us. Option one is getting your application proposed and seconded by two members who can vouch for you. This means they have a responsibility to ensure you keep to our guidelines and rules! The second option is to come into the office and have an informal meeting with the secretary. You will be asked to tell us your golfing history and ability. The club can then be explained to you and details of matters like tee reservations etc advised.  An application form can then be filled out and the secretary will propose and he will get another director to second the applicant.

In both cases when the application form is filled out and the relevant signatures made on it, the form is placed on the main notice board. As part of our club rules, the application has to be on display for 14 days. Whilst the form is on display the applicant can play the course, but not enter competitions.

After this time and if no members have objected to the application, the secretary will write to the applicant to advise monies payable, and to give various information sheets that will be of use to a new member. As well as the subscriptions all playing members have to purchase £100 in club shares (which are refundable if you leave us).

All golfing and social members have a club card for use when purchasing drinks and sundries from the bar. The card is also used to enter competitions on the machines located in the lounge. This card will be made available when payment for subscriptions are received. Also to collect at this time are a bag tag, a parking permit and a club diary.

This we hope is all that you need to do, or be aware of!

It’s then a case of getting involved and getting to know the course. The website has a host of information and is well worth looking at. The website is updated to let members know about social events (notices also appear in the clubhouse!) to which everyone is welcome.

We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere here at Whitstable & Seasalter, we have very reasonable bar prices and a good catering offer that we hope will encourage you to visit more often.

Membership Application

If you would like to join, please complete an application form and forward it to the secretary.