Guidance for Members, Green Fees & Visitors

 Before & after play:

1) Drivers should moderate their speed and take care on the approach roads to the Club.

2) Unnecessary noise should be avoided, particularly early in the morning and late at night.

3) At all times courtesy and consideration should be shown to our neighbours.

4) Cigarette ends to be placed in the receptacles provided. No E-cigarettes in the clubhouse.

5) On or off the course, the Dress Code must be observed.

6)  Mobile phones: their silent use only is permitted in the clubhouse.

7) Excepting Guide and other Assistance Dogs, dogs are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

8) Members should familiarise themselves with the Club Rules (a copy is on our website).

9) Players should have their own insurance cover in place.


On the course:

1) ‘Established’ golfers only. An established golfer is someone who has played on a regular basis and is familiar with the rules and etiquette of golf.  Beginners are welcome (we all had to start sometime), but must make arrangements with the Secretary before playing.

2) Juniors under the age of fourteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

3) Strict adherence is required to the Fog & Lightning rules. These are displayed in the lobby.

4) Social Golf is not permitted to start from the third tee before 8.30am.

5) The Greenkeeper has priority before 9am. Consideration should always be shown to ground staff in the performance of their duties.

6) Courtesy should be shown to fellow golfers and our neighbours.

7) Smokers: Cigarette ends should never be discarded on the course. At all times a suitable receptacle for cigarette ends should be carried.

8) Except in an emergency, mobile phones may not be used.

9) A maximum of two balls are permitted when practising on the course.

10) Pitch marks on greens should be repaired, divots on the fairways replaced and divots on the tees repaired with the sand provided. Rakes must be replaced in the centre of bunkers.

11) The 9th / 18th are call on holes.

12) Balls hit outside the boundary of the course: Prior to departure, players must make an entry in the book provided in the entrance lobby.


Issued pursuant to Club Rules 18d – m.  01/02/18

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