Dress Code & Guidance for Members, Visitors and Guests

At Whitstable and Seasalter Golf Club we expect all our members, visitors and guests to respect our traditions and comply with our required standard of dress and behaviour whether on the course or in the clubhouse or car park.

They should approach the club slowly in cars and avoid unnecessary noise, especially early mornings and late evenings. We must show courtesy and consideration to all other members and our neighbours. Colourful language by members or visitors will NOT be tolerated at any time, either in the clubhouse, on the course, or in the car park.

Dogs are not permitted on the course. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted in the clubhouse. Members dogs are permitted on the patio provided they are kept on a lead.

In compiling this code our aim is to put people at their ease by adopting a smart casual approach in keeping with today’s modern lifestyles.



Beginners are welcome (we all had to start sometime) but you must make arrangements with the secretary before playing and Juniors under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


You are required to wear recognised formal golf attire in the proper manner. Shirts must be fully tucked at all times, shorts must be tailored (tailored shorts with outside pockets are permitted) and worn with predominantly plain sports socks (shoe liners are acceptable).

The following are not permitted: Collarless (unless golf designed) or sleeveless T shirts; shirts cut above waist level; beach type shirts or similar garments displaying slogans; combat or cargo type trousers/shorts; beach or elasticated shorts; denim; tracksuits; long trousers tucked into socks;


As above except that shirts with sleeves and a collar, shirts with a collar but no sleeves and shirts with no collar but with sleeves are permitted; skirts/shorts should be tailored and of an appropriate length.


Smart casual (which can include smart denim but not distressed, frayed or torn) is the expected dress code; golf players are expected to change from their golf clothing for some special functions. More formal attire, e.g. jacket and tie, may be required at certain times.

The following are not permitted in the main lounge at any time: metal spiked golf shoes; hats or caps; tracksuits; shirts or similar garments displaying slogans; no beachwear; wet weather over-trousers or jackets. Soft spiked golf shoes only can be worn in the spike bar, the vinyl walkway around the perimeter of the clubroom and in the locker rooms. They must be clean at all times.

Notes: Shoes and sandals may be worn without socks in the lounge bar; a spike bar is provided for those not wishing to change from their golf shoes but we would expect you to change from wet or soiled golf clothing and footwear before entering the clubroom or spike bar.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phone calls may be made or taken in the car park at the rear of the building or the locker rooms, but definitely not within the clubhouse or on the patio facing the 1st/10th Tees and 9th green or anywhere on the course other than in an emergency. Silent browsing of texts and e-mails is permitted within the clubhouse.

Directors and committee members have been authorised to ensure that these rules are followed and staff will refuse service to anyone not complying with the code. The Secretary will instigate disciplinary action against any member not complying with any of rules.

It is the responsibility of all members, visitors and guests to comply with the detail and the spirit of these rules.

If the above guidelines leave you in any doubt then your attire/behaviour is probably not acceptable.

The above dress code does not apply to Junior golfers up to the age of 14

We thank you for your cooperation and support on the move to our brand new clubhouse. Whilst these revised rules have been compiled primarily for the move they will take effect in the old clubhouse from October 1st 2019.