Health and Safety

Health & Safety Policy May 2018

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Whitstable & Seasalter Golf Club Health and Safety on the Golf Course

This document is intended to assist, members and visitors to enjoy their golf safely by making them aware of the hazards that may be present on the course or may arise through playing the game of golf.

It is the policy of Whitstable and Seasalter Golf Club (WSGC) that all players are insured for 3rd party risk and all members, guests and green fee players are automatically insured free of charge by WSGC with an insurance company. Full details of the insurance policy can be seen by request to the club secretary.

Important Note

Players are expected to be aware at all times of danger to others and to themselves. Care must be taken at all times to avoid accidents or injuries to oneself and to other members, visitors and staff.


In the case of emergency call 999 giving the club address, telephones are in the bar area or office. First aid boxes are provided in the bar area, club office and green keepers office.

The Course

Hazards on the golf course have been identified and a risk assessment has been made on a hole by hole basis.
Before striking a ball, ensure others, including members of the public, greens staff and other players are at a safe distance so as to not endanger them.

Adjacent Fairways

A deviant ball can carry to adjacent fairways, tees and greens on all of the holes, the course is compact and much care needs to be taken. Particular care is needed when playing the 6th/15th hole as the ball can carry to the 5th/14th green and 7th/16th tee. Also when teeing off from the 9th/18th players are called on from the 9th/18th green when players are putting out.

Always shout out FORE when ever there is danger from a deviant ball on the course and if the ball is crossing the boundary of the course near the houses, beach huts and the caravan site.

Open Drainage Ditches

There are open drainage ditches running along side the following fairways 1st/10th, 2nd/11th, 3rd/12th, 4th/13th, 5th/14th, 7th/16th, 8th/17th and 9th/18th. Also there are open ditches across the 1st/10th, 2nd/11th, 3rd/12th fairways; additionally there are open ditches along both sides of the causeway.


The bridges over the open ditches can be slippery particularly when wet, bridges are positioned across the ditches running between 2nd/11th and 3rd/12th fairways, across the ditch running along the 5th/14th fairway to the rough, also over the open ditches running alongside the causeway.

Steep Slopes

There are grassy steep slopes behind the 14th tee area leading up to the 5th Tee and also behind the 4th/13th green. Care must be taken to walk on the designated pathways behind the 4th/13th green and 14th tee and be particularly careful when climbing up the slope to the 5th tee.

Public Footpaths

There is a public footpath on the causeway which separates the course; care must be taken when teeing off from the 4th/13th tee. Players must ensure the public has right of way and must not play a shot where members of the public could be in danger. Players must always give way to members of the public when crossing the causeway to reach the other part of the course.

Out of Bounds

Players must not retrieve balls from the grounds of any house or private property around the course. Balls must not be retrieved from any out of bounds forming the boundary of the course.