Tidings September 2020

A Final Message from the President

Hello everyone,

Nice to see the new flagpole go up today after a long delay due to the shut down in the spring which delayed manufacture and installation. A big thank you goes to Ryn Hudson and the 100 club for sponsoring the project.

I would like to thank all members that adhere to the Coronavirus legislation imposed by the government on the advice of the medical authorities. These measures are there to safeguard us all and our families at home. I am sure we all know someone who could be vulnerable to the virus.

It is so nice to see, even with the restrictions, the number of people enjoying our new clubhouse even if it’s just for a drink with friends or just a nice place to sit and look out onto the course.

Well at the risk of upsetting the weather gods… it looks likely we are in for an Indian summer. It has certainly been great weather so far for September but of course, we are desperate for rain everywhere. The dry weather, together with the organisational skills of Derek and Neil, have allowed the club to catch up with board competitions with the membership striving to see their names up on those honour boards.

This next paragraph is all about me! I am sure most of you are aware this is my last Tidings message after 6 years of service, one more than the maximum of 5 years, due mainly to my involvement in the clubhouse project. I am about to thank many people for their help during my term as President but before I do, I wish to thank my wife Sue for her truly wonderful support for me during the six years. Sue is someone who I have relied on to be there whenever I needed her support, plus of course not forgetting all the things she has done to support the club too. Although Sue has never been a playing member, she has made a lot of friends during my term as President.

I would like to thank all board members who have supported me both past and present. I have enjoyed working with everyone on various committees who again give up their spare time to serve the golf club. Me personally, yes, I have enjoyed the whole term, if I hadn’t, I certainly wouldn’t have served a sixth year. I just hope I have made a difference in the only way I know how, dedication to the job and whatever it takes.

Now I am just going be a member and enjoy the golf and the new clubhouse and hope we can get back to as near normal like as before as soon as possible. Kind regards to you all.

Bye for now, John

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