Annual General Meetings

Following the recent changes in the Government Guidelines, the Board has decided that the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of Seasalter Golf Club Ltd will be held on a virtual basis using Zoom.

A copy of the latest Guidelines issued by England Golf relating to this is on the main Noticeboard in the Foyer of the Clubhouse.

The Club Rules stipulate that the Company Annual General Meeting must be held by the end of November.

The Company Annual General Meeting will now be held on 21st November 2020. This will enable us to ensure that the virtual meeting runs as smoothly as is possible.
It will start at 11.00am promptly. The number of Directors taking part in the Clubhouse will be six in line with the Government guidelines. The Directors will be in the Clubhouse and for the duration of the meeting the Clubhouse will be closed.

The Annual General Meeting of the Golf Club will be postponed until next year (springtime) at which time it is hoped we can hold the Captains Drive in on the same day.

Brian Best
Company Secretary