Tidings August 2020

A Message from the President

Hello everyone,

Only yesterday I received a message asking for my thoughts for the month. I have to say it is enormously difficult for me to be upbeat from the word go about the past and future months as I always seem to have to be the bearer of sad news and this month is unfortunately no different.

It is a sad message that I share with you today and that is the loss of a longstanding member Eric Rochester. Eric served the club well throughout his membership, with friendship and enthusiasm and I personally will miss our chats about aircraft and his career serving our country during exceedingly difficult times. When I last went to see Eric with John Wegner I was amazed how cheerful and determined he was considering he could only just move one hand… it is just wicked how someone like Eric can be served such devastating symptoms after his so-called fairly routine operation. I know that he will be sadly missed by many of his friends in the Old Salts particularly by John Wegner who supported him throughout his time in care. Our thoughts go out to Val at this time.

Now for other news… Excellent that Tuesday night golf has started after changes to the dreaded Covid 19 restrictions. I particularly enjoyed my game of ‘friendly’ golf
this past week with 25 points! Not bad for an average golfer, well supported by my playing partners who kept shaking their heads for some reason… Well done to Martyn and gang for getting it started again and a big shout out to Ann Milner for giving up her free time to take payment and organise everyone’s food choices for Tuesday evenings. Thank you, Ann.

Now you will have noticed that we now have a programme of matches, weekly competitions and knockout competitions coming up so I would like to say thank you to all those involved in putting this all together. The best way to say thank you is to show your support and join in.

As I sit composing this message it is a warm rather sultry evening after a glorious hot sunny day. I love the summer and I suspect we may have a long rather stressful winter ahead of us so let’s enjoy this weather while we can and make the most of our course and the lovely area we live in.

Enjoy your golf everyone, stay safe and I for one, look forward to playing challenges ahead!

Bye for now, John

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