Tidings May 2020

A Message from the President

Hello everyone,

I would like to start my message this month on a positive note, as we all know the course is open for the use of all members, thanks to the relaxation of the government’s policy against Covid 19. This is where I would like to thank all those involved in the organisation of the special measures taken to make it safe for all. Obviously the new arrangements require your full attention and compliance to help to protect us all and not least because as you are very aware, there are people living very close to our course who would take great pleasure in letting the authorities know if we were not complying! No mass gatherings in the car park, keep a safe distance, absolute good hygiene and most of all follow the guidance which is everywhere. Special mention for members who are volunteering to act as a starter/marshall for the players. Derek, thank you for your time in setting up the online booking system. Without this, I’m sure we would be unable to open, plus Weggie for his fantastic effort and energy doing all the other jobs that needed to be done to support the re-opening.

As you all know by now, John Stokes is giving up his term as our Secretary and I would like to say what a great pleasure it has been to work with John since I became President. I am sure I speak for all the directors, both past and present, in thanking John for his years of dedicated service, especially his involvement with the new clubhouse project. So now John I wish you good health to enjoy all your travel plans as soon as we are able to. We welcome Brian Best back on a temporary basis as the stand-in Secretary. Brian has a wealth of experience in this role after being Secretary for several years during the period before John. Brian, I thank you for this on behalf of all members. I would now like to offer my sincere condolences to the families of Graham Hughes and Ron Thompson who have both been taken from us by this terrible virus. Both Graham and Ron gave so much to the club they loved, I particularly will not forget Graham as last year’s Father Christmas…

Finally, our dear friend Dave Atkins lost his battle with Leukaemia. Dave was a fantastic character, well-loved by the ladies and well respected by the men’s section. As an ex-serviceman, I feel sure Dave would have enjoyed VE Day. Sadly this was not to be. I will remember how Dave carried out his duties as Captain of the Old Salts, excelling in the role and fulfilling his responsibilities with military precision. Rest in peace Dave.

I just want to finish by saying I am sure you all join me in hoping for a safe return to a more settled and positive way of life in the not too distant future. I think we may need to be patient.

Take care, everyone, stay safe.

See you next time.


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