Tidings January / February 2022

Club Captains Report

Jon Perkins, Captain

January saw the return of the Wood Trophy. We managed to play all three rounds and the result will be mentioned in The Vice Captains message.

On 19th February the club had its first information meeting where many different topics were talked about by members of the board, from the old club house site, buggies, new equality and diversity policies and updated course policies, new catering arrangements, new subscriptions levels and memberships rules of association.

The response from this has been positive and the board believe this is a way forward for the future of the club with the possibility of replacing the Company AGM with this kind of meeting.

As you all may know from tomorrow we start with our new caterer and it is essential that all sections of the club utilize the service, so I would encourage all Captains to push the catering and club events as much as they can, I mention after each competition of a Sunday what is happening in the club and I would urge all Captains to if you don’t already.

So we are getting closer to the start of the season where we have annual competitions and as we look forward there will be many events coming up so let’s keep all our members informed so we can have a great year.

Men’s Competition Secretary Report

The results for Sunday Morning Competitions are listed below:

Turkey Trot Results – best two stableford rounds out of three – Overall Winner: Richard Davis, overall 2nd place: Graham Tomkinson, overall 3rd place: Brian Wild, Overall 4th place: Martyn Silverton. Best score in round 1: Andy Selwood, best score round 2: Lloyd Foster, best score in round 3: Tony Hart.

Other results were: Neil Edmonds and Duncan Palmer won a greesomes competition, Derek Bates and John Wegner won a brownsomes competition and Giles Govier and Ronnie Rumball won a two-ball Texas scramble competition. Feedback was that brownsomes was an ‘interesting’ format but well to all those who managed in tough conditions.

Daily Mail Foursomes: Graham Tomkinson and Andy Gremo won a foursome’s competition to qualify to go forward in the Daily Mail knockout stages. I am thrilled to report that they won their first round away to Faversham and progress in the competition.

Jack Hick’s Captain, Jon Perkins will be picking the team shortly as the first round will be upon us. I would ask that all members give their commitment to the team and hopefully we can have a good year this year.

Competition Account: Please continue to keep your competition account in balance to fund any Sunday morning competitions and knockouts.

Club Knockouts

These are up either on the knockout’s board in the mens’ changing rooms for the mens’ ones and in the main foyer for the Clark pairs. Read the eligibility notes on the sheet and please sign up by St George’s Day on 23rd April. Please also ensure that you have topped up your ‘competition account’ over the bar with the right amount of £3 fees for the knockouts entered by Saturday 23 April to be entered in to the competition. Any issues please let me know.

Thank you
Jack Dale
Mens’ Competition Secretary

Social Events Round Up

The social committee would like to say a big thank you to the support you and your guests have given to social functions since the last write up. It makes the work of the committee worth it seeing the Clubhouse full of people enjoying themselves whilst making a good amount of money over the bar in support of the Club.

The Valentine’s vinyl night saw good food and a nice evening for everyone who came along. The Stix band evening was also successful with lots of people coming down to dance the night away. If that wasn’t enough, the Quiz night went successfully with 12 quiz teams packing the Club out. A huge thanks to DJ James Love, Don, Stephen, John, Jon, Glenn, and Quiz master Tony Furnival for their massive contributions to these evenings.

We also share a special welcome to Mike, our new chef, and his team. We have been really pleased with the food at social functions and I hope members are feeling as positive about Mike’s work as the committee are. Let’s all keep up our support.

Events Coming Up

Saturday 2 April – 60s & 70s Fancy Dress Disco Night:

Get your names up on the signup sheet as quickly as you can please. We will have DJ James Love playing again with 60s and 70s themed music all night long! This is NOT a bring your own vinyl night, music will be provided for the disco. Bring your best fancy-dress outfits. The cost of the evening will be £12 to include a full buffet so you won’t need to eat before you come. Enjoy a fantastic night of singing, dancing, and laughter.

Saturday 23 April – St George’s Day Texas Scramble, BBQ and Band:

On the whiteboard is a Texas scramble competition on Saturday 23 April. It would be great to fill all the morning and afternoon slots with full teams for a good competition. Entry is £3 per person payable in cash. There should eb some added extras to the competition provided by Captain Jon Perkins on the day.

In the evening we will be having another evening put on by the Stix club band. There will be a BBQ type meal with a plethora of salads and extras on offer to add to your plate for £10, an optional dessert for approximately £5 and a cheeseboard for 2 for an additional £5 (note that these meals MUST be pre-ordered so look out for the sheets on the whiteboard!)

Finally, a big thank you to Marilyn and Charlie Young who have provided the St George’s Day decorations you will see about the place soon.

Social Dates for the Diary planned in 2022:

Saturday 16 April – Kids Easter Egg hunt – 2pm – Sign up on social events board
Monday 18 April – Mixed Greensomes & lunch – Tee times from 8:30am – signup on social events board.
Monday 2 May – Mixed Greensomes & lunch – Tee times from 8:30am – signup on social events board.
Thursday 2 June – Jubilee 9-hole competition followed by drinks in the club house – watch this space.
Saturday 18 August – Summer Ball at the Club – watch this space.
Friday 28 October – Dinner Dance – Venue and feasibility to be discussed.

Note that there will be other events in between details of which will be released as we plan them.

Thank you,
Jack Dale
On behalf of the Social Committee

Ladies Section

Nothing to report from the ladies until next month

Old Salts Results January 2022

Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen

The opening drawn Texas Scramble competition of January was unable to take place due to heavy frosting on the course, it reverted to a FFB 9 hole game , no scores were recorded and no Captain’s Challenge was played.

Thursday the 13th January saw a repeat delay due to frosting on the course, this resulted in a 9 hole FFB competition. Best score was by Pat Mooney with 21 points ( 15 shots), 2nd was an up and coming legend ( in his own mind ) who said he played the whole game with a 6 iron?? Gwyn Oakley with 21 points ( 12 shots) and in 3rd place was John Stokes with 20 points ( 8 shots).

The reduced 9 holes Captain’s Challenge brought about the first loss for Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen as they lost by 1 hole to Graham Goldhill and Nick Schoon.

With the winter well set in round two of Best 3 from 4 Stableford was played on the 20th. A full field battled the very cold conditions but it didn’t stop some good scoring. The best of the day was Robbie Fudge with 41 points ( 17h/c) 2nd was Paul Lithgow with 39 points of ( 14 h/c) and 3rd was the’ quietest man on the course’ , Colin Holton with 36 points ( 24 h/c ).

The first full 18 hole Captain’s Challenge for a while resulted in a loss by 1 hole for Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen against challengers Micky Dunne and Paul Lithgow.

The last competition for January was the first round of the Winter Eclectic, the best score was returned by Gwyn Oakley with 39 points
off a ( 24 h/c), in 2nd place was Ray Campbell with 36 points ( 21 h/c) and in 3rd on count back was David Morgan with 36 points ( 11 h/c).

The Captain’s challenge was a close match with the Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen winning by one hole against challengers Martyn Dines and Graham Williams .

Following the results the Captain presented John Stokes with the Old Salts Challenge cup.

February opened with a FFB in surprisingly good weather , the course was in excellent condition resulting in some good scores, of those that entered scores Paul Lithgow came out best with 40 points (14 h/c) and 2nd on count back was Barry King with 40 points ( 29 h/c) and 3rd was Graham Doghan with 39 points ( 16 h/c).

The Captain’s Challenge proved a tough one for Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen as they came up against a resurgent Colin Holton …… and the formidable but modest John Wegner …..resulting in a 6 & 5 loss, their biggest to date!

The first medal competition of 2022 was the Ken Vickers Trophy, played on the 10th February. In 1st place was Graham Doghan with a net 63 ( 16 h/c ) in 2nd place was Paul Lithgow with a net 65 ( 14 h/c) and 3rd was Paul Sampson with a net 66 ( 28 h/c).

The Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen got back on track winning 2 and 1 against the challengers Dave Rhodes and Paul Sampson.

Congratulations to Andy Taylor for his hole in one on the 15th green.

The 17th of February proved to be a very difficult day for many players in the last best 3 from 4 Stableford competition due to the very high winds, it resulted in a spate of low scores and around 14 players of 29 recording below 20 points. The best of those that completed the round were , in 1st place Paul Sampson with 34 points (29 h/c) 2nd was Martyn Dines with 33 points ( 20 (h/c) and 3rd was Captain Colin Whitaker 33 points ( 15 h/c) on count back.

The Captains Challenge was a win for Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen 3 and 2 against challengers Martyn Dines and Mick Wyles.

The planned second round of the Winter Eclectic on the 24th February was abandoned half way due to the onset of storm Gladys ,even the hardiest players were beaten by the conditions.

The Captain Colin Whitaker announced the winner of the best 3 from 4 competition , the winner with the best average score was Paul Sampson with 38 points, ( 29 h/c) 2nd was David Goldhill with 36 points (21 h/c) and 3rd with an average 35.67 ( 24 h/c ) was the ever smiling Dave Rhodes.



Captain Terry Robinson

Our wonderboy reporter Ian is overseas at present so a report on the Midweekers endeavours for the last couple of months will be published next month

Juniors Section


Report to follow

Around The Club

Old Clubhouse Site

Things are moving at last on the renovations of the old clubhouse site, there will be a new pathway from the car park to the course for buggies and pedestrian use utilising the reclaimed paviours; a wet area will be installed adjacent to the trolley shed protective fence, the rest of the fencing will be removed and a beech hedge planted around the perimeter of the site; the edge of the area from the trolley shed door to the carpark will be re-laid with level concrete allowing a turning area for buggies to enter and leave the new buggy storage enclosure which will be built utilising the reclaimed Harris fencing, securely fixed to a steel framework with hinged, lockable gates, a roof and security lighting will be installed to deter our vandals.

The site will be levelled and landscaped, planted with trees and wildflower seeds and when completed declared a Red Zone with a dropping zone for wayward golfers back down the 9th fairway.

The vast majority of the work will be carried out by volunteers and if you wish to help in any way please contact Bob Ireland by email at robert.ireland@gmail.com or by WhatsApp, phone or message 07802874914. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

100 Club – 2021/22 Update

The Hundred club is up and running and we have already had a good number of members sign up. This is a reminder for those who haven’t yet to do so by March 31st the first draw will be in early April.

The Hundred club is a £12 per year monthly draw with 3 winners each month winning £30, £20 and £10 respectively each month with extra draws at Christmas. The remainder of the money goes into club projects.

There is a sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse behind the bar, cash and money transfers are accepted.

For further information please contact Emily Lipe on 07535 778092 or ealipe@gmail.com with any questions as well as for banking details if making a money transfer. Good Luck!

Quite Interesting

Possible re-incarnations? People who share date of death and birthdays:

John Logie Baird and Donald Trump (two great communicators!)
Lord Baden-Powell and Graham Chapman (scouting?)
Helen Keller and Jason Donovan (Blinded by the light)
Gentleman Jim Corbett and Yoko Ono (a marriage made in heaven)
Henri Matisse and Adam Ant (artists both)
Sir James Savile and Harry Houdini (very possible, both great escape artists)
A .A. Milne and Johnny Rotten (Pooh)

Flotsam and Jetsam

There are many items for sale all with club logos they are situated in a display cabinet alongside the bar and may be purchased over the bar. They include:-

Balls, tees, markers, pitch repairers, shirts and pullovers and especially for you Fleeces with the club motif, sensibly priced at £25.00 Ideal for those who play in any of the teams or just as a fashion statement!

Items for sale this month (10% to club funds)
Nothing yet but feel free to contact me for inclusion next month