Whitstable Tidings Issue 7 2016

Message from the President:

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Green staff on the condition of the Course. We have had a lot of good comments from visiting teams playing at Whitstable and those same comments were made this past weekend on Men’s Invitation day. So well done to Steve & Seth.

For your diary, don’t forget the re- arranged Captains day on the 23rd July. I know Bob is looking forward to welcoming you all to play and attend the evening, so put your name up on the notice board in the foyer.

As for Men’s Presidents day on the 31st July the list is up for a 27 hole Greensome. I look forward to seeing you there. Not forgetting another very important day in my Presidents year is Ladies day on the 9th August. This is an 18 hole competition followed by lunch and I look forward to welcoming the ladies on that day too.

Regarding last month’s golf week, I know it’s been said before during Friday’s presentation evening but I would like to once again thank all the people who volunteered in the caravan and those who stayed behind each evening to enter cards onto the computer and organise the next day’s play list. For those who haven’t yet taken part, next year give it a try. It’s very rewarding to experience how the week works, as this event is unique to our great little club.

It is at last beginning to feel like summer, the last couple of day’s have seen the back of the very cold wind so let’s hope it has disappeared for the next three or four months, So enjoy it while we can.

Happy golfing.


You can download the PDF here or read it below: