Whitstable Tidings Issue 1 2013

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Volume 3 Issue no.1 1st January 2013
Editor Bob Ireland, 01227 638425, 07802874914,robert.ireland@gmail.com

Forthcoming Events for your Diary
Saturday 12th January Chinese Evening

Tony Love is about to demonstrate his Asian cheffy skills with a Chinese Menu
as follows:-
Selection of Hors d’oeuvres, chicken and sweetcorn soup, special fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable chow mien and coffee to finish.
The cost for this oriental extravaganza is £15 per person!
Numbers are limited to 40 so book your place with Tony soon to avoid disappointment.

Burns Night 26th January

Always a popular event, the details will be posted on the club notice board 4 weeks before, do not miss this! A deposit will be required from each person booking at the time of booking to ensure fairness, as the night is always sold out!
Dress code is formal Lounge suits or Kilts if applicable.

The website has been revamped and there are still some small problems to sort out. If you are having trouble accessing the members page e-mail Bob Ireland at robert.ireland@gmail.com and all will be resolved! Your comments on the website would be appreciated any improvements you can suggest will be considered.

Greens and Course News
Any members having questions about the greens or course in general can write to me or e-mail and I will get an answer from our Greenkeeper. The question and answer will be published in the newsletter and on the web site.

The Old Salts Captain Colin Chapman, Secretary George Bawden

The day of the Old Salts Christmas Lunch saw no golfing action because of you all know what, but the early frost was overcome as 54 stalwarts sat down to turkey, pud, mints and a good laugh for their annual bash. Perhaps holding it on the 13th was tempting providence, especially as the Ladies and the Midweekers had also come up empty on the golfing front earlier in the week.
But as the Old Salts’ place cards (kindly produced by Jean Hudson) were being set out, in the corner four older gentlemen were setting-to over a game of cribbage.
Nothing unusual one might say, but this was something with a little more urgency. It was a new version of the Captain’s Challenge.
The Backhouse brothers were intent on some action, especially Roger who had travelled from darkest Essex to join up with Ted to take on Captain Colin Chapman and vice George Bawden over 18 holes. But as the weather had denied their efforts they sat down for a few more holes at the cribbage board.
Six up! Was the cry as the Backhouses rose from their chairs to card a memorable victory over Colin and George. It won’t feature in the local Press, but the boys felt their win was as good as any trophy they had carried off before.

Junior Section Captain Richard Smith, Vice captain Jack Tucker
Secretary Peter Wade.

Anyone requiring further information on the junior section should contact Peter Wade on 01227 266210, Mandy Rapley on 01227 274247 or Glenis Smith on 01227 266269

Ladies Section Captain Jackie Witten, Vice Captain Linda Bawden
Secretary Jean Hudson
The Ladies Christmas coffee morning was a huge success this year raising a stupendous £800! Could be a record; follow that girls!! A boost for new Lady Captain Jackie, but many thanks to all who dug in their pockets and contributed so generously.
Not so successful was the Christmas competition; 5 weeks were laid on, best 3 cards to count, but weather and course conditions took their toll. But there were 26 entries, altogether, a good number, with 23 and 24 making it out on the 2 ‘proper’ weeks. On the last chance saloon day, 15 game ladies made it out, carrying their bags around a puddly course; the beautiful sunshine made it almost worthwhile!
Prizes were presented at the Pink Ball Christmas Competition lunch. This is a 9 hole team competition held annually, and followed by a seasonal lunchtime get-together. 46 ladies made it to the table. Luckily, we had a window in the dreadful weather, and played nine holes in brilliant sunshine, with trolleys, non-electric of course.
Prizes were awarded to the winning team, who got first pick at the table of prizes; presents supplied by each player. The winning team comprised Pauline Girling, Janet Arnold and Molly Furlong with 57; closely followed by Margaret Barker, Helen Gurney, and Sally Lawson, 55 points. Special mention to Molly Broadbent, who made the most of having the pink ball (double points) on the 6th by getting a birdie: 8 points for her team!!
The aforementioned Christmas Competition that nearly wasn’t, had a clear winner, Linda Bawden, with 84 points, winning a big box of Christmas supplies. Having carefully prepared special prizes for 2nd and 3rd places, plans were scuppered when 3 ladies all managed to get totals of 79 points! These were Mel Bashford, Louise Tucker and Jackie Witten, who all got similar bags of goodies. Then Margaret Barker ,5th with 78,had first pick of the goodies on the table for the remainder of contestants.
A special birdie prize was awarded by the Lady Captain. This was awarded to Louise Tucker, who in spite of the evil conditions, managed to get two birdies in her Christmas competition games.
Mary Calthrop announced the winner of the Summer Eclectic (best 4 medals in British Summer Time) This was Mel Bashford, runner up, Judy Butcher. Mel also won the England Golf Annual medal best 4 medals in 2012. This enables her to go to the regional finals at Ifield G.C. next April.
That was the end of the golf for this year; the proposed competition on the 18th was not played, course closed.
The Ladies section, along with the rest of the club, are hoping and praying for a dry spell so that we can get going again. We wish all the members a Happy New Year, with lots of good golf for us all.

Men’s Section Captain Richard Gremo, Vice Captain Andy Sargeant

Midweekers Section Captain Peter Shearing, Vice Captain Ray Thomas
Secretary Peter Fox

Christmas Dinner
What a great day this was! Although the golf was severely limited in its entry due to course conditions, the dinner was a terrific success, really good food from Tony Love was followed by a spirited performance of Tommy Cooper jokes by our Captain Peter Shearing complete with Fez, followed by some excellent singing and poetry recitals by the whole cast accompanied by Vice Captain on the acoustic guitar! It looks as if we are going to have another great year.
If you haven’t played with the Midweekers you can join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 0800. Partners are drawn from a hat and the player with the highest Stableford score wins 75% of a £1 entry pool the balance being won by second place.

Veteran’s Section
Captain Barry Broadbent, Secretary Bob Ireland

Players are required for the Vet’s matches as shown on the fixture list below. These are good matches; teams composed of 10 a side play betterball fourballs against some great clubs and good courses. The cost is £12.00 per match home and away and the only qualifications are a maximum handicap of 20 and to be over 60 years of age. If you haven’t played for the club before come and give it a try it’s great fun and very competitive.
An entry list and fixture list are posted in the men’s changing room; please indicate if you are unable to make any fixture.

2013 Fixtures
Monday 18th March Canterbury away 1230 hrs
Monday 25th March The Ridge home 0900 hrs
Friday 19th April Etchinghill home 0900 hrs
Friday 10th May Canterbury home 0900 hrs
Friday 24th May Chestfield away 0830 hrs
Monday 3rd June Tudor Park home 0900 hrs
Tuesday 25th June Broome Park away 0900 hrs
Friday 12th July Broome Park home 0900 hrs
Friday 19th July Chestfield home 0900 hrs
Tuesday 23rd July Tudor Park away 0830 hrs
Friday 9th August Etchinghill away 0830 hrs
Friday 16th August The Ridge away 0900 hrs

Fundraising 100 Club
This fundraising venture costs £1 per month, with monthly prizes of £30, £20 and £15. There is a bonus double draw at Christmas each year. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

December Winners
1st £30.00 Malcolm Kent, Denise Bates
2nd £20.00 Richard Davis, Dave Gould (donated to Battersea Dogs Home)
3rd £10.00 Sally Lawson, Mike Moore

Forthcoming Golf events in January and February.

Fixture List 2013 Notes on Tee reservations

Tuesdays 0800 -1130 Ladies
Tuesdays (Summer) 1600 -1700 Men’s Social
Wednesdays (Summer) 1230 – 1300 Ladies Social
Midweekers Tournaments 0830 – 1130 2nd Weds Last Friday each month
Friday (Spring onwards) 1730 – 1800 Social

On Mondays (Summer) Tees 1, 2, 10 and 12 will be closed from 1700o – 1830 for the Juniors


Sunday 6th am Wood Trophy Winter Stableford
Tuesday 8th am Ladies Competition Stableford
Wednesday 9th am Midweekers Ron Thompson New Year Trophy
Saturday 12th pm Juniors Medal
Sunday 13th am Captains Swindle
Tuesday 15th am Ladies Competition Stableford
Sunday 20th am Wood Trophy Winter Stableford
Tuesday 22nd am Ladies Competition Stableford
Friday 25th am Midweekers Ray Emerson Shield Stableford
Sunday 27th am Captains Swindle
Tuesday 29th am Ladies Competition Stableford


Sunday 3rd am Wood Trophy Winter Stableford
Tuesday 5th am Ladies Competition
Saturday 9th pm Juniors Medal
Sunday 10th am Captains Swindle
Tuesday 12th am Ladies Competition
Wednesday 13th am Midweekers L Fessey Cup Medal
Sunday 17th am Stableford
Tuesday 19th am Ladies Competition
Friday 22nd am Midweekers S Ashworth Cup Stableford
Sunday 24th am Captains Swindle
Tuesday 26th am Ladies Competition

Ebb and Flow (letters section)

The Editor would appreciate your comments or suggestions of ways to improve the club, course, magazine, web site, social activities, or anything else that comes to mind! Get writing – it’s your club say what you want!

Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2012 – 2013

Question: A player’s ball lies in the rough directly behind a loose stone the size of a watermelon. The stone can be removed only with much effort. Is it a loose impediment which may be removed?

Answer next month

Flotsam and Jetsam


1400 TOC, 1415 QPT, 1430 HPT, 1445 QTT, 1500 TOC

Answers to last months Acronyms
21 December is the winter solstice, 24 Windows on an Advent calendar, 49 Numbers in the National Lottery, 0 Tails on a Manx cat

Any contributions of any type will be considered, puzzles, stories, history, Anecdotes, your chance to get your stuff in print!


Here is a monster joke. from a member who shall remain nameless! (more please)

What do you call a train full of toffees…

A chew-chew train!
Best said whilst doing a Casey Jones impersonation…..

Another from a fairly regular contributor:-

One fine day, Jim and Bob are out golfing. Jim slices his ball deep into a wooded ravine. He grabs his 8-iron and proceeds down the embankment into the ravine in search of his ball.
The brush is quite thick, but Jim searches diligently and suddenly he spots something shiny. As he gets closer, he realizes that the shiny object is in fact an 8-iron in the hands of a skeleton lying near an old golf ball.
Jim calls out to his golfing partner in an agitated voice, “Hey Bob, come here, I got trouble down here.”
Bob comes running over to the edge of the ravine and calls out, “What’s the matter Jim?”
Jim shouts back, “Throw me my 7-iron! You will never get out of here with an 8-iron.”


New entries for this section

A selection of drivers, 10 degree, 10.5 and 15
A 5 wood, 4 wood, 9 wood, 11 wood, rescue clubs 18 degree, 21 and 24
A full size golf bag with brolly.

All the above are available (with more information on make, condition etc) from Eric Bean 01227 740190

Golf carrying bag ‘Donnay’ £12.00

Carrying bag £12.00

Umbrella new £6.00

Golf shoes new Donnay size 7 £15.00

Golf shoes “Stuburt” waterproof size 7 £15.00

Golf shoes Hi-Tec size 7 £5.00

For the above contact D Richardson c/o Old Salts or 01227 361194

If you have any unwanted clubs or equipment sell them through this Publication or the Web Site and donate 10% to the Captains Charity! Send the details to my e-mail robert.ireland@gmail.com , by post or place the details on the notice board marked for my attention.