Tidings November 2021

Club Captains Report

On 14 November the New Captains Drive in was held and was very well attended by members and Visitors from Chestfield Golf Club, including Men’s and Ladies Captains and their President.

After the drive in, there was an American Supper which was supplied by many members of the club and organised by new Lady Captain Joan with help from Pat and Sue. It was a fantastic success.

On the social front there are a lot of events planned to include the Children’s and Adults Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve party and in January Burns with the details for this to follow.

The Twelve days of Christmas raffle will be drawn at the Adults Christmas party on 19th at about 5pm

Could all Captains please push the selling of tickets as all profits go to the club and this has the potential to pay for many events coming up with each sheet making £500?

On the Men’s section the last round of the Turkey trot was played last Sunday and the prizes in the form of Meat vouchers from Jim’s Butchers.

The Brandy stakes this year will have a slightly different format as I am introducing a new match with The President and Past President against The Vice and I and I have created a trophy. The Losers pay for the Brandy stakes Prizes

Jon Perkins

News and items of interest

Social Events Round Up

12 Days of Christmas Raffle:  This is coming very soon with some amazing cash.  Please see the board near the bar and write your names on the squares. Each square cost £1 and you need to pay the bar staff as you write your name up.  The profits from the raffle this year go to club funds so please do support it as best you can if only by spreading the word when you are in the Clubhouse.

Sunday 12 December – Christmas Lunch Please sign up to the list on the social board and pre-order your Christmas lunches.  The price is £20 for two courses or £25 for three courses.  There are a variety of options for all courses. 

There will be staggered serving times, so it is imperative to the running of the event that you check your times carefully and are seated ready. 

This looks to be a good Christmas lunch offering that as members of the club, you can book tables for you and any guests wish to bring.  We hope to have some background entertainment which we hope adds to a great atmosphere. 

Saturday 18 December – Kids Party:  We will be charging £10 per head for each child that signs up on the social board.  All children must be between the ages of 2 and 8 years old.  Father Christmas will be coming and there will be some added fun extras for the children to enjoy including a snow machine.  The time for the event will be between 3pm and 5pm.  It would be great to see everyone attending in some festive clothing! 

Sunday 19 December – Adults Party:  Please sign up on the list on the social board.  The event will run from 2:30pm to 8pm.  The cost per head will be £10 to include a disco, turkey rolls at lunchtime and some nibbles in the evening.

31 December – New Years’ Eve:  THIS IS A TICKETED EVENT, BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR £10 BEHIND THE BAR.  First come, first serve so don’t miss out!  Rather than a formal meal, we are looking to have a party and dance the night away for our New Year celebration.  Please have your evening meal before your come as there will only be a light buffet and snacks on offer during the evening.  Please arrive from 6.30pm.

Saturday 22 January – Burns Night – Save the date with more information to follow!

Thank you

Jack Dale
Chair of the Social Committee

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to resume my old role as editor of The Tidings and would appreciate your input, if you have anything to report, topical stories, jokes, items of interest please send them to me via email at this address. robert.ireland@gmail.com

I would also like to produce The Tidings as a hard copy, if anyone has any suggestions as to how this could be financed please let me know. I think the budget figure for 100 copies per month would be in the region of £2,000 per annum, which works out at around £6.50 per member per year, not a lot to ask for such a prestigious document!

Bob Ireland

Ladies Section Results

Christmas Competition

This competition commenced on 2 November and ran over 5 weeks.  Players’ best 3 scores from games within that period were used to place the winners.  In first place was Pauline Giddens with a score of 109.  Second place went to Lorraine Featherstonhough with 107, and third was Louise tucker with 102.  The three of them are pictured right with their prizes.  The player with the best score over nine holes was Sally Lawson with a score of 54.

Pink Ball Competition

This competition was held on 7th December.  The winning team was Joan Sykes, Maureen Davison and Val Brown pictured left below.  Second place went to Sue Pout, Sally Lawson and Vilma Parrett pictured right below.

Old Salts Section

Captain Colin Whitaker
Vice John Allen

On Thursday the 4th Old Salts held their AGM following a nine hole FFB game.

The AGM was well supported to witness the handover of captaincy from Peter Smith to the incoming Captain Colin Whitaker and the new Vice Captain John Allen. Thanks were given to Peter for overseeing a difficult year.

It was announced that the sum of £1200 was raised for the chosen charity, Canine Partners, an excellent result bearing in mind the difficult year, departing Captain Peter Smith thanked all members for their contributions.

The award for lowest scratch score , sponsored by Peter Steigmann, was presented to Steve Wood (one of our youngest members !) for a score of gross 74 , this was followed by a second award for the best aggregate score from three games with a total of 225, also to Steve Wood…. With typical modesty he declined an interview !!

The new committee was proposed and seconded with some existing members continuing and new members announced.

November 11th was a Friendly Four Ball day .

The first competition of new Captain Colin Whitaker’s year was number 1 of Best 3 from 4 Stableford. The best score of the day was David Goldhill with 42 point ( 23 h/c) in 2nd place was Paul Sampson with 39 points ( 28 h/c) and in 3rd place was a ‘blast from the past ‘ David Kinnersley with 35 points ( 22 h/c) .

The Captain’s Challenge was a win for Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen by 6&5 against challengers David Rigden and Peter Smith, but it should be noted that David Rigden played second nine alone as Peter Smith retired hurt after a mishap on the 10th tee path.

November 25 was Friendly Four Ball day but some good scores were posted by some players, best of the day was Gwyn ‘five iron’ Oakley with 39 points ( 24 h/c). Second was Sid Silk with 38 points ( 31 h/c) and in 3rd place on count back and a long overdue visit to the podium was Anthony Trevett with 38 points ( 36 h/c).

The Captain’s Challenge was a drawn game between Captain Colin Whitaker and Vice John Allen against challengers John Dowle and Nicholas Schoon.

Brian Ridley


Captain Terry Robinson

The month began with the Tudor Tea Rooms Trophy which was won by Glenn Snook, the demon barber of Swalecliffe, with 41points, second, Martin Silverton on 40 points and third on 39 points was Tony Furnival. The next competition was the November Draw this was won by Alan Fowler with 40 points, second was David Goldhill with 39 points and third Patrick Mooney with 36 points.  Next came the Vic Green Shield won by Alan Fowler on 39 points, second Derek Creed on 36 points and third Mr Football himself Andy Short on 36 points. Creeping into December and preceding the Christmas lunch was the Tony Bensted Cup won by the ever-loquacious Andy Short with 38 points second was Robin George on 37 points and third on 37 points was Dave Tassell. That covers the competitions for November and the beginning of December.

As already mentioned the Tony Bensted Cup was followed by the mid weekers Christmas lunch, this was hailed as a great success,  both the food, prepared by Chris and his team, and the service provided by Sue Pout and Pat Bensted went down a storm, the MW captain remarking it was the best meal he had had at the club. Music was provided by Stix the club band with Don Crawford doing vocals. There one or two of the obligatory Christmas jumpers on show some showing the strain of excess pounds gained during lockdown and one dating back to the Woodstock, Hippy era well done for sporting that one “Biggles”. The wet and the cold have reduced numbers somewhat at the moment, hopefully that will improve with time, although it was sad that the Mid Weekers lost a stalwart with the passing of Ernie West a generous and benevolent member of the section along with his wife Di they are now, God willing, reunited.

Finally welcome to Terry Giddings a new face on the block we hope you will enjoy your golf with the Mid Weekers, unfortunately this is not the best time of year for playing golf. Remember if you drink do not drive! don’t even putt! Remember golf is a game invented by God to punish those who retire early! 
From your keyboard warrior 

Ian Horton

Social Events Round Up

Thank you to all those who supported the Children’s and the Adult’s Christmas parties either by attending and spending or by helping in any capacity.  Thank you also to anyone who came to the Christmas Lunch that was put on recently.  We hope everyone has been enjoying socialising in our wonderful, new club house.

Friday 31 December – New Years’ Eve


Friday 14 January – Film Night:  This will be charged at only £5 entry which will include popcorn or candy floss!  Watch the board for the signup sheet and for the film that will be shown on a wi-fi projector screen.

Saturday 22 January – Burns Night:  Watch out for the poster on the wall with the menu and to sign up.  The Club band will be playing afterwards too so it should be a good evening.

Saturday 12 February – Valentine’s Vinyl Night:  Dig out your vinyl records (7 inch or albums) James Love, a member, will be running a vinyl night to go with dinner and dancing for valentine’s night.  Bring your own romantic vinyl songs that the DJ will play for you on request on the night.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any, he has plenty!  Watch out for the signup sheet.

Friday 25 February – Club Band Night:  The Club band will be playing.  For only £5 entry fee you can come and listen to the band play from 7:30pm for an 8pm start.  There will be food on offer if possible – watch the signup sheet.

Friday 11 March – Quiz Night:  One of our members has kindly offered to run a quiz night which will be FREE OF CHARGE to enter.  You will need to sign up to ensure we have space for your teams of up to 8 people.  We will be holding a raffle on the night with any prize offerings gratefully received.

Saturday 2 April – 60s & 70s Themed Vinyl Night:  We will have a DJ playing 60s and 70s themed music all night long!  It will be a fancy-dress night with some a 60s/70s themed food menu available.  Enjoy a fantastic night of singing, dancing, and laughter.  Watch the board for a signup sheet.

Saturday 23 April – St George’s Day:  Pencil in the date as St George’s Day falls on a Saturday in 2022 so we will be holding a golf event in the day followed by a special event in the evening.

Thank you

Jack Dale
Chair Social Committee

Kent Vets

Captain Malcolm Cane

QI (Quite Interesting)

A Donkey will sink in a quicksand, but a Mule won’t.

Tigers have striped skin not just striped fur.

Polar Bears can smell a human being from 20 miles away(I think I’ve smelt him as well)

Gram for gram a Bumble Bee is 150 times stronger than an Elephant.

An Ant can survive 2 weeks underwater, lift 50 times and pull 30 times its own weight(just as well they’re not as big as a dog)

October Quiz Answers

Which place of entertainment is bigger than the worlds 5 smallest countries combined?
Ans. Disneyworld

Which is the world’s oldest unchanged flag?
Ans. The Danish flag, it dates back to the 13th century

Which is the only letter that doesn’t appear in the names of any of the 50 US states?
Ans. Q

Who designed Italy’s national flag?
Ans. Napoleon

What is unusual about the glue on Israeli stamps?
Ans. It’s Kosher

November Quiz

What was the name of the only painting by Van Gogh, sold in his lifetime?

What was unusual about the marriage of the Roman Emperor Nero?

What is unusual about the month of February in 1865?

What is unusual about Istanbul?

Why do spiral staircases in castles run clockwise?

Answers next month Quizzer of the month will be acknowledged in print!

100 CLUB November prize winners

£30 Betty Washby
£20 Brian Best
£10 Ted Henderson

Congratulations to this month’s Prize Winners. Please contact me with one of these options:

If you wish your prize to be credited to your W&SGC card to spend at the club, please advise me your bar card number. I will credit your card when I am next at the club, usually within a few days.

Alternatively email your bank account name, number and sort code. I can pay your prize in to your account.

Some recent winners have donated their prize money to the 100 Club as part of the 100 Club’s donation to W&SGC. Let me know if you choose this option.

If you prefer a cheque please let me know. I can leave a cheque for you to collect from the club, usually within a few days.

As online transactions are more efficient and safer, I am keeping the 100 Club cashless, wherever possible.

100 Club’s donations to the golf club are used towards projects for the benefit of all members of the W&SGC.

Volunteer to take over the 100 Club for 2022/23

At present Brian Pratt has agreed to take over the running of the 100 club for November, December and January. BUT if no one takes over the running of the club into the future it will cease after January 2022

Brian’s details are as follows Tel 01227 791532, Mob 07768 881956, e-mail brian.pratt08@yahoo.co.uk

Stop Press

We have a volunteer to take over the 100 club, further details in the December Tidings and at the Club.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Items for sale this month (10% to club funds)

Nothing yet but feel free to contact me for inclusion next month