Members’ Update Concerning New Clubhouse Project

“The start date for the new club house is growing closer. We have been frustrated and delayed by conditions of planning that had to be satisfied and the final problem with Southern Water re the ownership of the sewage pipe beneath our car park which is still to be resolved. It appears that all sewage pipes were adopted by SW back in the nineties and we have had to prove there are no other connections into our pipe hence the clean and video we had to carry out and submit to SW. We estimate that we have been delayed by this point alone for about 5/6 weeks. There has been in excess of 500 emails regarding conditions and SW, however we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. We are continuing to work with our quantity surveyors on the tender of Abbott builders before any start date can be advised to members.

It is also envisaged that the earth bund(bank) between the 5th and 7th fairways will be started this summer as we need to move the soil in the dry weather. This will allow planting to take place and with the better soil they may survive our location.”

Issued by the Board of Directors June 2018

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