Car Parking at Whitstable & Seasalter Golf Club

The Board of Directors is aware that our car park is used from time to time by persons who are not members and are not using the facilities here at the Club.

We have made it our resolution to be more pro-active in stopping this practice and thus ensuring that spaces are kept as free as possible for bonafide members and guests of the club.

There will be the occasional check on membership and this being so please ensure that you ALWAYS display your car parking permit on the dashboard of your car in clear sight. Cars that do not display a permit will be recorded and details may be passed on to the relevant authorities.

There will also be placed on car window screens not displaying a permit at times, a notice requesting you to contact the office to confirm you are able to park in the car park. Please do not take offence if you find one of these on your window screen if you have forgotten to display your permit!

We would also ask you not to park in reserved spaces and the marked areas unless you have permission from the club official. These spaces are for those who give time and effort to run the club and this is a very small way of thanking them for their efforts.

Board of Directors
January 2020