Whitstable Tidings November 2017

A message from the President

Hello everyone, trust you are all well?

Hello again everyone, well we have reached that time of the year where we have a change of Captains from all sections. I would like to start with Gary. What a fantastic year he has had. I am so impressed with Gary’s effort throughout all his duties and enthusiasm for everything, Social events, Club matches, normal Sunday or the Jack Hicks team away, all have been given the same level of dedication. In particular I would like to thank Gary
for his strong decision making throughout his term as Captain and for being very firm when required. So well-done Gary. To conclude I think the work you have put into your Charity is admirable and they are I am sure, extremely thankful to you and Kay.

Maureen Davidson, well what can I say? Again I think you can be very proud of your year as Lady Captain. I would like to thank you personally as you have always attended meetings right across the spectrum and your contribution has always been very welcome. Last year’s Christmas party for the children comes to mind where you and Vice-Captain Sue made a fantastic day for all the Children. They especially loved the little torches you provided for each child when the lights went out and they were watching for Father Christmas, a master stroke if I may say, fantastic well-done again.

Dave Atkins, congratulations on a very successful year. Controlling one of the largest sections of the club membership cannot be easy, so you should be very proud of your effort over the past 12 months. I have enjoyed working with you and the opportunities to enjoy your hospitality.

Oscar, I am sure you have enjoyed your term as junior Captain. I know you had a successful time on your Captains day so well-done. You have always set such a good example to the other junior players. I trust your studies have allowed you to enjoy your golf.

I would also like to mention Jack Tucker in the Tidings this month. What a fantastic achievement on your first appearance as a player in the first team at Gillingham football club, your first cap. Wow I bet your Mum & Dad are so proud just as I am sure your Granddad would have been too, so well done you! I feel sure there is more success in the future for you.

To finish I would like to wish all our new Captains, Howard, Sue, Callum and Colin a great year ahead. You have my full support whenever you need it.


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Tidings November 2017.