Whitstable Tidings March 2019

Hello Everyone,

Spring is upon us with the new golfing season about to start, so let us enjoy. Just need to arrange the weather…

I have been at the club this weekend and it’s nice to see the refurbished chairs re-covered by Howard’s skilled hands which are being readied for the new clubhouse. You will also notice, that thanks to Howard’s contacts, we have acquired 14 slightly different chairs which blend in very well with our original Parker Knoll type.

We have made the decision to go with the refurbishment because we have been advised the originals have so much more to offer, making this a sound commercial decision. With around 49 to refurbish, only so many can be done at any one time! So by starting them now we can achieve all chairs ready for the move. So let’s look after them! No leaning back on two legs which sends a shiver up Howard’s spine!!

Now that we are well underway with the new build, quite a lot of members have shown an interest in what is to be done to the area where the present clubhouse now stands! Because we are a members club it would be great to hear your ideas, so please don’t hesitate to put your ideas in the suggestions book in the foyer which is the best way to put your ideas across. This book is always read at every Committee meeting and I believe this to be a good conduit for all.

I think all of you have been very good with car share following the loss of some spaces taken by the building works and overall I think we are coping very well.

Social events seem to be very well attended encouraged by Captain Richard and of course Bob along with their very supportive partners and the social committee, so get your names down for the next extravaganza… the Race Night! On the 16th March.

Ok that’s it for this month, hang on to your hats in this weather!


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March 19 Tidings