Whitstable Tidings Issue 8 2016

Captains Message

Well it’s been a funny old month, Men’s Invitation on the 2nd July proved to be a huge success, a terrific participation, many thanks to John Clarke, Robin George and Don Crawford for all the organization and getting the prizes etc. Thanks also to Steve Wood for the booze!

On Sunday 14th we played a drawn pairs medal, a new format for the men which I thought would be a nice change to the usual Captain’s swindle. How I misjudged the feeling of some of the participants! Whilst engaged in a fascinating match with Rob Mumby against Robin George and Derek Bates I was struck on the head by a ball fired from the 16th tee by Glenn Snook. He did call fore but managed to hit me in one. Help was summoned from the clubhouse and I was transported back to safety. A subsequent visit to the minor injuries unit found no lasting damage so the £5 fine I levied on Glenn seems small beer by comparison.

I have been struck previously- Dave Rigden hit me on the leg from the 5th tee, whilst I was trying to extricate my ball from the greenside bunker on the 7th. I only charged him £2 for this privilege, but sensing a trend, I am now instituting a full scale of charges for the duration of my Captaincy they are as follows, hits to the lower body excluding privates £2, hits to the upper body front or back £5, Head shots £10, should anyone be unfortunate enough to score a bulls eye on the wedding tackle they will have to fork out £50. All this money will go to charity unless expensive medical care is required!

I look forward to receiving your further contributions.

Captain’s Day on the 23rd was also a wonderful day, very well attended some great play during the day resulting in a victory for Bob Davis, runner up Dave Williams. Pat Bensted won the Ladies and Callum Buchanan the Juniors.

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Tidings August 16