Whitstable Tidings Issue 5 2016

Captains Message

St George’s Night my apologies to those who thought my talk about Englishness was overlong I admit I did get a bit carried away but I do feel very strongly about our country and make no apologies for that!

I had to cancel the club match v Hythe, due to poor support, only managing to get a team of 6 players to represent the club! We are rearranging this fixture and expect a better response when the list goes up again.

The course is getting very good now greens are hardening up the rough has been cut to a more acceptable length, though still a penalty if you venture there!

Golf Week is fast approaching and the entry sheets will soon be appearing in the club, volunteers for the “Caravan” start table would be appreciated!

Hoping for some better weather in May and June, good golfing!


You can download the PDF here or read it below: