Whitstable Tidings Issue 2 2016

President’s Message

Firstly I would like to thank all those members who attended the Planning meeting at the Guildhall on the 2nd February which went on until quite late, plus all those who supported the application by email or letter.
The granting of this outline planning permission is great news for our Club and we look forward to the next step.

It is a relatively quiet time of the year for golf but I think the course is holding up well during the winter period so thanks to Steve and Seth for keeping us playing during this period. So let’s look forward to the better weather when we can play in good conditions.

We all have our nice new diaries for 2016. As you are aware, especially those captains who are in charge of various sections, there is an awful lot of work that goes into producing this diary. So on behalf of all the members, I would like to thank Tony Henley who has carried out this challenging task for a number of years now which is no mean feat in gathering all the information for the annual program!

Don’t forget to support the social program. Coming up is the quiz evening on February 26th. See you there,


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