Whitstable Tidings Issue 12 2015

President’s Message

As we are in that time of the year when things are exchanged I thought the change over to new captains went very smoothly and I would like to wish them and their various Charities all the success in 2016.

I thought the drive in went very well and was well supported, so well done all those that helped with the organisation, and thank you to Michael Behr who every year prints out all the distance slips for the longest drives.
During early November Ted asked for volunteers’ to help the ‘On Course’ Foundation at the Kent Golf show at Bluewater, so Robin George and I did just that. We arrived at 8.30 for a briefing and we were assigned a stand to run which was, one handed putting (3 balls for £2) I can honestly say we had a great day although I almost lost my voice persuading people to take part. The foundation had various stands running throughout the show and I can report that £9,889.81 was raised over the whole show. (I get the feeling we will be asked back next year).

You can download the December 2015 Whitstable Tidings here.