Whitstable Tidings Issue 1 2014

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Volume 1 Issue no.4 1St January 2014

Editor Bob Ireland, 01227 638425, 07802874914,robert.ireland@gmail.com

Future Events

Burns Night Jan 25th

The list is up if you haven’t bought a ticket yet you could be too late!! Check with Steve behind the bar for availability.

February 22nd

First Wine and Wisdom quiz of the year £6.50 per person teams of 10, nibbles and prizes, remember no electronic aids will be permitted!

March 22nd

Race Night, The White City comes to Whitstable in the form of Greyhound racing!
Always a great night, a small entrance fee will provide a fantastic evening’s entertainment – who knows you may be a winner!

Recent Events

Christmas Party
Saturday 14th December, a night I for one will long remember, Ben Mills entertained us at the electric piano with a heart warming selection of music to suit all ages. Unfortunately there were only us old codgers to enjoy it! But enjoy it we did, dancing our warmed hearts away ‘till midnight almost. It was a great start to the festive season, the buffet food was very good, the company excellent an all round terrific night.

Children’s Party
Saturday the 21st December was our children’s Christmas party and what a party it was. You captain put on a fantastic afternoon for all 23 children yes 23. The tables was set and looked lovely. The hot dogs were a cooking individual Christmas cakes were in place and even a little gift from the captain was on the table. 3 o’clock arrived and the children started to appear. First was musical chairs followed by pass the parcel ( a big thanks for Richard and Clare Gremo for wrapping 24 pieces of paper with a sweet between each layer).
Then Reg E Mental who entertained the children with his magic tricks and his wonderful monkey Lester. The children loved it laughing allowed every time Lester spoke. Tea followed with every one waiting for Father Christmas and he didn’t disappoint. Through appalling weather you President Michael Behr put on a fantastic show every child’s eye were fixed on him awaiting for Father Christmas to call their names. Big thanks must also go to Derek Bate who help Father Christmas with his reading of the names (well he is over 500 years old). Thanks to for every one who helped clean up and to Steve (behind the bar) for his sound effects of Father Christmas climbing over the roof.
Steve Rumball

New Year’s Eve
Happy New Year to all Members.

What a fantastic New Years Eve Party!
Started with a few drinks then sat down at our wonderful themed decorated tables. Well done to the social team.
After a wonderful meal with balloons whizzing past our ears and party poppers going off and more glasses of the good stuff, the band struck up and everybody who could got onto the dance floor, did, where Unit 5 smashed out hits from the sixties, seventies and eighties.
Then cometh the hour, old acquaintances were not forget, balloons from the heavens fell on the merry makers.
A fantastic time was had by all!
Thank you all who attended and everyone that helped.
Captain Sargeant

New Vacancies

Two positions have become available on the Social Committee, as
both Jackie Witten and Ted Backhouse have resigned after several years of service.
Before the rush to fill these roles begins YOU can offer your services by replying to me on e-mail at robert.ireland@gmail.com or by phone on 01227638425 or 07802874914, or just sandbag me at the club!

We are also looking for a secretary to take over when Brian Best retires, so all those who know how to run the club are welcome to put their names forward. I should point out that this is not an immediate position change, it’s just that Brian will want to retire his position at some time in the future and a new secretary will be needed to take over then.

I am looking for some good photographs of the Club and course, which I can include on the Web site. If anyone has any or would like to go around with me before the weather gets too bad and get some please get in touch.

Greens Committee Meeting Notes
10am Tuesday 10th December 2013.

Present; Malcolm Kent, John Rosser, Brian Best Steve Suttle. Seth Divine
(Copy to Captain)
Apologies; None
Matters arising;
Much of the work contained in the previous notes (28th August) has been completed to good effect and congratulations to Steve and Seth for the condition and appearance of the course.
A bore hole update has been received with drawings and costing to go the board in January.
The initial work on the new 6th green bunker will take place in January subject to weather conditions.
An offer of replacement blades for the slitter has been received from John Wegner, much appreciated and we await the estimate.
We now have a contractor for the additional course drainage, but because of delays this will be undertaken in maintenance week next September.
Ingress from the sea in the “tidal surge” was discussed and reported that the course coped well but concerns were felt all around over that 24hour period. The Council opened the flood gate after the 2nd high tide.
We spoke at length regarding a letter from a member complaining about the condition of the course. It was felt that some changes are to be implemented. The area of land on the left of the 5th fairway from the ditch is to be made out of bounds (RH Side of the ditch facing West) The pond area will also be out of bounds. If we are able to reinstate the pond at a future date that will revert to a water hazard. The large dykes are running well and do not need attention. The smaller ditches will remain as they are with grass growth to help prevent crumbling on the edges and to identify their position. The area to the left of the 8th fairway (left of ditch, out of bounds) is to be tidied and kept to the long rough height (100mm). All residents along Island Wall are to be written to and reminded that they are not permitted to dump grass, branches or any other debris on our land.
Another member wrote regarding the movement of tee markers but after discussion it was decided that the protection of the grass tees is most important. We are still on these tees in late December and that is credit to the Greens staff. The winter mats are due to come into play from Monday 16th December.
As per the AGM the area of land to the left of the 8th tee is to be considered for planning permission. Initial talks have taken place and will be reported to the board.
Future training for Seth to increase his qualifications will continue when suitable courses available.

The green keeper’s rye grass removal pilot scheme was successful and more would be carried out next year.
Any extra sprinkler head is to be installed near the 5th green to irrigate a small area missed at present.

Next meeting to be arranged February/March unless needed before.

The Old Salts Captain George Bawden Vice Captain and
Secretary Ian Wingrove
Press and publicity Alec Parrett
December played fast and loose with the membership, but, as always, the hardy Salts still managed a game or two before the Christmas break.
Early in the month Brian Ridley headed close on 40 players to top the scorecard with a fine 38 points, followed very closely by John Wegner and Bob McCormick. For the Gentlemen Ryn Hudson carded a 32, followed by Alec Parrett who just pipped George Earlam on countback. In the absence of George Bawden who was nursing Linda following an op, John Wegner stood in to partner Vice Ian Wingrove in the Captain’s Challenge and triumphed two and one over Colin Holton and Tony Bensted.
Later, as the weather showed us how kind December could be, another Stableford saw John Wegner at the top again, but he had to make do with second place this time as Kit Ryan edged him on countback. Kit, playing some fine golf, slowed towards the end, but still managed a 38 to take the honours. Robbie Fudge shadowed them both to come home one point away. For the Gents, Bernie Whitaker carded a 37, followed by John Williams who stayed the right side of 30 points with a 31, followed, a long way back, by Alec Parrett who, not even sniffing 30 points was probably the most surprised man in the clubhouse afterwards to get third place.
The Old Salts Christmas Lunch, was attended by almost 60 Salts, not all of whom played the pre-meal nine holes, mostly put off by the heavy overnight rain, or perhaps avoiding being around too early to hear the warm-up band practice of Gwyn Oakley, Roger Trice and Kit Ryan. (Actually the after -meal singsong went down as well as Tony Love’s pork and pud)!
Before he weaved his way to the rostrum to pick up his guitar, Gwyn had also earlier tried his hand at the Captain’s Challenge. He partnered David Kinnersley, who, not to be outdone, also later found his way to the stage to help Ian serenade the hastily departing diners.
For the record, Gwyn and David came up short, losing two and one to Captain George and Ian Wingrove, the latter managing to begin the round by falling off the tee mat (no alcohol was found in his bag). The morning game saw a very close finish with Robbie Fudge just edging out David Dale and Malcolm Cane on 19 points after countback.
No other incidents can be reported, except for George Bawden’s all too brief appearance after lunch playing the spoons. What skills we have hidden under the top table.
Lastly, The Salts must thank two Lady members. Beryl Wingrove, who helped organise table displays; and Jean Hudson, whose attractive place cards helped those diners with memory problems (and there are too many to count) find out what they were going to eat.

Junior Section Captain Richard Smith, Vice captain Jack Tucker
I understand that Mel Bashford and John Wegner are going to take over the running of The Junior Section. Good Luck to them, I hope for news about their section soon!

Ladies Section Captain Linda Bawden, Vice Captain Beryl Wingrove
Secretary Jean Hudson

December brought plenty of fun and good cheer to the Ladies Section, both on and off the course.
The last round of the 9 hole Christmas Competition was played on the first Tuesday of the month in relatively calm conditions. As a result scores were decent-Louise Tucker coming in with 18 points, closely followed by Pat Bensted and Mary King both with 16. Prizes were to be presented after the annual Pink Ball Competition the following week.
The Ladies Coffee morning on the first Saturday of the month was well attended and the generosity of member’s and their friends and family much appreciated. Monies raised from the raffle, tombola, bottle draw, whisky draw, ‘Play your Cards Right’ game, cake stall and darts competition were in excess of £920. The committee would like to thank all those who helped on the day, who brought goods in prior to the day and everyone who came down during the morning to support the event.
The Pink Ball Competition and annual Christmas Lunch was one of the highlights of the year as always. 40 players were entered in the Competition-13 pink balls went out, 13 pink balls did not return! Winners on the day were the dream team of Pauline Girling, Sue Pout and Maddy Shaw, who managed an unbeatable 70 points and won the honour of first pick in the “bring a prize, win a prize format”-except for Maddy, who was unable to ‘win’ a prize, as she had forgotten to ‘bring’ a prize!! 2nd were the team of Penny Perkins, Holly Butler and Inge Parry and 3rd were Molly Broadbent, Fran Price and Joyce Janes.
The Summer Eclectic trophy was presented to Pat Bensted for her victory earlier in the year, Mel Bashford and Jackie Witten were second and third respectively.
Mel then went on to pick up the England Golf Medal for the best 4 medal rounds in 2013. This gives her the opportunity to go on to the area final at Tyrells Wood Golf Club in Surrey in April.
And no sooner had Mel sat down, she was back up to collect the Kath Collins Trophy.
Prizes were then awarded for the Christmas Competition, which 29 ladies had entered. Mary King was the winner with 48 points followed by three runners-up, a point behind-Penny Perkins, Holly Butler and Louise Tucker.
Tony and team served a beautiful lunch, washed down with mulled wine bought with the coffee morning profits. The ladies were then entertained by a surprise guest, Tommy (Peter Shearing) Cooper, before the annual Christmas Sing along to The Twelve Days of Christmas-and without looking, can you remember what your true love brought to you on the 9th day of Christmas?!!
The final competition of the year which was scheduled for Tuesday 17th was abandoned due to foulness of weather and a large number of temporary greens. A few ladies did turn up but sought refuge in the Clubhouse and were not foolhardy enough to venture out onto the course.
And so as this year comes to a close, the Ladies Section would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Roll on 2014!

Men’s Section Captain Andy Sargeant, Vice Captain Ted Henderson

Midweekers Section Captain Ray Thomas, Vice Captain Bob Ireland
Secretary Peter Fox
For the Tony Bensted Cup on Wed 11th Dec we were greeted with a thick frost that refused to defrost, so the competition was postponed. However this was also the day of the Midweekers Xmas lunch and the gloom gradually lifted as the drinks began to flow and excellent food as usual was consumed provided by Tony Love and his crew. We had a very good turnout and it was good to see many new faces (although I think it was because they heard about my calendar). After the meal and my much awaited speech the entertainment began. Our very own Tommy Cooper (Peter Shearing ) who incidentally was introduced the day before at a Ladies lunch as Tommy Trinder, had the audience in stitches, which then led on to the music. Myself on guitar, Brian McNally on ukulele and vocals, Ted Backhouse on drums who at times thought he was backing Black Sabbath, and finally the newly rediscovered Don Crawford, lead vocals as we hopefully delighted our audience with a selection of Christmas songs. The set list went out the window but I don’t think anyone noticed and a good time was had by all.
The Tony Bensted Cup took place a week later and we’d like to thank Pat Bensted who put up a 9 hole Christmas trophy .Our opponents for the Captains Challenge were Maddy Shaw and John Wegner who showed no sympathy as they beat us (they knew I was still recovering from my operation but showed no mercy). The winner of the Tony Bensted Cup on 41points was Ges Jakimanicuis. 2nd with 40 points on countback Brian McNally and 3rd with 40 points was John Fullager. Birdies Bob Ireland, John Fullager 6/15 Glen Snook 4/13,John Wegner, Ian Horton 9/18.Charity sweep 1st Don Williams,2nd Ron Orford, 3rd Alan Fowler. The winner of the Pat Bensted Christmas Trophy was Eynon Price, 2nd Diane West, 3rd Ted Backhouse. The last presentation was for the Golfer of the year, and I’m pleased to say the winner was David Chalk on 95points, 2nd Bob Ireland on 84 points and 3rd on 65 points was Gary Hartley Trigg. Well done to all.
The Tony Love December Trophy on the 27th was called off due to bad weather it just leaves me to wish everyone a happy and most importantly a fun golfing New Year
Ray Thomas

Veteran’s Section
Captain Barry Broadbent, Secretary Bob Ireland

2014 Fixture List

Etchinghill home Friday 4th April 0900 hrs

Canterbury away Monday 28th April 1230 hrs
(Dress Note Jacket and Tie for dinner)

Canterbury home Friday 9th May 0900 hrs

Chestfield away Friday 23rd May 0830 hrs

Tudor Park home Monday 2nd June 0900 hrs

Broome Park away Tuesday 24th June 0830 hrs

The Ridge home Monday 30th June 0900 hrs

Broome Park home Friday 11th July 0900 hrs

Chestfield home Friday 18th July 0900 hrs

Tudor Park away Tuesday 22nd July 0830 hrs

Etchinghill away Friday 8th August 0830 hrs

The Ridge away Friday 15th August 0900 hrs

This list will be posted in the Clubhouse so please indicate your availability to play to avoid disappointment!

Super Seventies Organiser and Captain Alec Parrett

Here is the Supers 2014 list to pencil in for next season. Needless to say, they will shortly appear in the Club diary.

Canterbury AWAY on Fri May 23 ………..Home at Whit Tues June 24

Chestfield AWAY Fri June 20…………..Home at Whit Tues April 8
Broome Park AWAY Thurs July 24………..Home at Whit Tues May 13

Etchinghill AWAY Mon July 28…………..Home at Whit Tues Sept 23

North Foreland AWAY Thurs Sept 4……….Home at Whit Tues Aug 12

Happily for us, visitors next year to Collingwood Road to play our Seniors should find it harder, as the 21 minimum handicap limit is to be raised to 24, giving a Whitstable high handicapper even more of a start on his home course. Or so the theory goes.

Elsewhere, Broome Park are intending to arrange an Open competition for over -70’s, probably in late August or early September, 2014. There will be teams of three and it is hoped to encourage other clubs to try to do the same. More news later.

Fundraising 100 Club
This fundraising venture costs £1 per month, with monthly prizes of £30, £20 and £15. There is a bonus double draw at Christmas each year. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Double draw in December

1st £30.00 Mike Behr, Bill Dance
2nd £20.00 Penny Kinnersley, Gwynn Oakley
3rd £10.00 Colin Satchell, Shirley Rosser

What’s on for the next two months?


Thursday 2nd am Old Salts Competition
Sunday 5th am Wood Trophy Round 1 Stableford
Tuesday 7th am Ladies Competition
Wednesday 8th am Midweekers Ron Thompson Trophy Medal
Thursday 9th am Old Salts Texas Scramble
Saturday 11th pm Juniors Medal
Sunday 12th am Captains Swindle
Tuesday 14th am Ladies Competition
Thursday 16th am Old Salts Bawden’s Baffle
Sunday 19th am Wood Trophy Round 2 Stableford
Tuesday 21st am Ladies Competition
Thursday 23rd am Old Salts Winter Eclectic
Friday 24th am Midweekers Ray Emmerson Shield Stableford
Sunday 26th am Captains Swindle
Thursday 30th am Old Salts Friendly Fourball


Sunday 2nd am Wood Trophy Winter Stableford
Tuesday 4th am Ladies Competition
Saturday 8th pm Juniors Medal
Sunday 9th am Captains swindle
Tuesday 11th am Ladies Charity Stableford
Sunday 16th am Stableford
Tuesday 18th am Ladies Competition
Wednesday 19th am Midweekers L Fessey Cup Medal
Sunday 23rd am Captains swindle
Tuesday 25th am Ladies Competition
Friday 28th am Midweekers S Ashworth Cup Stableford

Ebb and Flow (letters section)

The Editor would appreciate your comments or suggestions of ways to improve the club, magazine, web site, social activities, or anything else that comes to mind! Get writing – it’s your club say what you want!
If you have any specific questions about the course please direct them to the Course Director Malcolm Kent or use the suggestion book.

I know there are people reading this publication as all the copies printed disappear, doesn’t anyone have something to say?

Flotsam and Jetsam

New Competition with Prizes!
In the January edition and all following publications there will be a monthly competition, the format of which has yet to be decided but there will be a £20.00 bar voucher courtesy of Steve Wood as a prize, watch this space!
This month’s competition is what is the total numerical value of the unsolved corner squares in the Sudoku puzzle below?
The first correct answer wins a £20.00 drinking voucher!

Poetry Corner
Let’s see your efforts-Here is one of mine!
Compton Pauncefoot

His rheumy eyes wander the subject in view; the pallid cheeks tremble with age.
He stands sloping ever so slightly to port but the look that he gives is so sage.
His thin wispy hair falls to cover his ears, the lobes of which dangle below.
Ginger sideburns frame a thin, cleft chin, with a fine crop of stubble on show.

The velveteen collar, so beautifully cut, gives notice to any that care,
That the jacket it’s on is in need of a clean, ‘though Compton seems hardly aware.
His bony shoulders now fail to fulfill, the tailor’s original design,
The clothing hangs limp, losing style and grace, with old Pauncefoot’s rate of decline.

His slippers don’t match, they’re battered and worn, the carpet is torn and threadbare.
The sunlight that shines through the cracked windowpane, lights dust motes that float everywhere.
He studies the face of his recent lost wife, her photograph shakes in his hand,
Going over the life that they lived in this house, going over it all in his mind.

Old CP worked hard in the City for years, his reward – to be asked to go,
His only crime was to get old – it happens to some you know.
His pension was safe they assured him of this; he could live out his life so well.
He wasn’t aware that the new interest rates would soon make his heaven a hell.

His watery eyes still survey the scene, the emptiness and the decay.
The furniture broken – in need of repair but how can a poor man pay?
His marital home, once shared for so long, is rapidly falling to waste,
The wife that had stood by his side for so long was taken away with such haste.

Each time I drive on the A 303, and study the road signs on show,
I see in my mind a family tree, a history of people I know.
There’s Cary Fitzpaine and cute Anna Valley,
Charlton Musgrave, Stoney Stoke, Combe Raleigh.
Brave Hornblotten Green and Winterbourne Dauntsey,
Both betrothed to sweet, shy Maiden Bradley.
Haslebury Plucknett, poor Henstridge Bowden,
Two rich Sheptons – Mallet and Beauchamp.
The road winds on through ancient Mere
Did Steeple Langford meet Fenny Bridges here?
The Winterbourne brothers Gunner and Dauntsey
Courted Huish Episcopi and Penton Mewsey.
But the image that lasts for ever in my mind is the look,
Of that once gauntly elegant Compton Pauncefoot.

Any contributions of any type will be considered, puzzles, stories, history,
Anecdotes, your chance to get your stuff in print!

Here are some anagrams of Christmas Carols –
(Answers in brackets)
1/ Grim nerd hiding only hog (Ding, dong merrily on High)
2/ M, I drink the table wine (In the bleak midwinter)
3/ Within one’s sweet dreams (See amid the winter snow)
4/ Family loathe fuel co. (O’ come all ye faithful)
5/ Hal obeys bleep (Sleep holy babe)
6/ Sad thirsty don feeling heat well (The first Noel the angels did sing)
7/ Avoid cloyin’ dairy scent (Once in Royal David’s city)
8/ Noel left home with bottle (O’ Little town of Bethlehem)
9/ Thin nylon hi leg tights (Silent night, Holy night)
10/ O free thinkers eager to win (We three Kings of Orient are)
11/ Many wager in AA (Away in a manger)
12/ Then he, Al, drags shaken girl (Hark the herald angels sing)
13/ Common E moth came to Greece (Come, come to the manger)


I am indebted to John Williams for a huge collection of stories, which I will work through over the next few months.

Apt Anagrams
Desperation……………….……A rope ends it
The Morse code……………….Here come dots
Election result………………….Lies let’s recount
Snooze alarms…………………Alas! No more z’s
Slot machine…………………..Cash lost in me
Presbyterian…………….……..Best in prayer
Astronomer……………………..Moon starer
George Bush……………………He bugs Gore

What do you call a woman who sets fire to her bills?…………Bernadette!

What do you call a man and wife who go fishing together?…..Rod and Annette!

Where does a 17 stone budgie sleep?……..Anywhere he wants to!

What do you give the man who has everything?…..Penicillin!


If you have any unwanted clubs or equipment sell them through this Publication or the Web Site and donate 10% to the Captains Charity! Send the details to my e-mail robert.ireland@gmail.com , by post or place the details on the notice board marked for my attention.

Callaway Big Bertha Heaven Wood 1H
14 degree loft with Big Bertha Uniflex steel shaft.
Good condition with Benross head over.
£ 30
Peter Steigmann
Tel. 01227 262278
e-mail. steigmann@btinternet.com

Ladies Clubs
Cobra Ladies offset driver, 3 wood and 5 wood, £60 the lot
Contact Ernie or Di West 01227 266581

Some from Eric Bean
Loco 10 degree £10.00
Ocean 10.5 degree £10.00
Hippo plus 10 degree £10.00
4 wood 19 degree £10.00
5 wood Wilson 25 degree £10.00
Offset £10.00
Hybrid Onyx 18 degree £10.00
Full set of clubs and bag £50.00
Onyx 19 degree £10.00
Lob Wedge Condor 60 degree £ 5.00
3 assorted putters £ 3.00 each
Hill Billy electric trolley battery and charger £50.00

Eric Bean 01227 740190

Please let me know when these items have gone and I will delete them.