New Covid-Safe measures for Tier 4 – Message from The Board

We appreciate that some members were disappointed following our decision to close the course following Government’s decision to place Kent in “ Tier 4” and we’re aware some of you may believe we acted in haste before receiving advice from England Golf or becoming aware of government advice concerning “Tier 4” restrictions applicable to golf courses. This wasn’t the case and we actually decided to close the course even though we were aware of the possibility that two-ball golf may be permissible.
The primary reason we chose this course of action, was to ensure the safety of club members and their families. We make no apologies for our motives given current circumstances, as the risks associated with high transmission rates for the recently discovered variant of coronavirus are at a very high level. As a result the chances of contracting covid in Kent, are greater now than at any previous stage of the pandemic.

It goes without saying that we have always been keen to re-open the course as soon as circumstances permit. Following careful consideration of the latest covid risk situation, we are confident the current higher level of risk can be safely managed, if additional risk control measures are added to the covid-safety arrangements already in place.

New control measures are as follows –

  • Two ball groups only as per England Golf advice – No exceptions for individual households
  • Nine holes only – This eliminates risks of social contact arising from players wishing to tee off the tenth, gathering with players about to commence their round on the first
  • 18 holes not permitted under any circumstances
  • Ten-minute intervals between tee times
  • Strictly social golf only – No competitions and No scores cards
  • Clubhouse to remain closed with no access to toilet facilities – This eliminates the risk of social contact arising from members queuing to use the toilet and more importantly reduces the well-documented cross-infection risks associated with toilet facilities
  • Hire Buggy use not permitted
  • No green-fees or guests

Details of the previous covid-safe rules must continue to be strictly observed by everyone using the course.

We’re pleased to let you know the course will re-open on Thursday 24th December with all these existing and new covid safety arrangements in place. Booking sheets for 24th, 25th and 26th December will be posted on How Did I Do at 7am on 22nd December.

I hope you all accept that we have rightly taken this matter very seriously and made every effort to act in your very best interests. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best Christmas possible in these dreadful circumstances and sincerely hope we can get back to normality as soon as possible in 2021.

Best wishes

The Board