Membership Categories

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Full Playing

Full Playing Members are entitled to play the course 7 days per week during the hours of daylight, subject to restrictions when Competitions and Matches are being played. They can obtain a recognised Club Handicap and are entitled to enter any appropriate Competition.

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Joint Full Playing

Conditions as for Full Playing but limited to partners residing together.

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Conditions as for Full Playing but this category of membership is limited to those aged between 18 and 28 years, with a lower cost, varying between three age categories.

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This category allows individuals to become a member of the Club for a period up to the next subscription renewal date to allow them to experience the benefits of being a member.

There is no restriction on times of play subject to the usual tee reservations and bookings. The member is issued a book of 60 9-hole tickets. Each time of playing, 1 ticket per 9 holes is to be handed to the office or Club Steward. Once a handicap is allocated then competitions can be entered. The membership is only open for 1 year. The cost is £350 to be paid as one payment. Shares in the Club also have to be purchased (£100).

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Limited to those over 80 years of age and who have been long term members.
Conditions are as per Full Playing and discounted rates apply.

This category is granted to long term members who have made a significant contribution to the running of the club over a long period of time.

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For those aged between 18 and 22 and in full-time education.

Allows entry in competitions and with no restriction on playing times subject to the usual tee reservations.

The annual fee is £100 for this membership category.

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Limited to those age between 6 and 17 years. Specific rules apply to Junior Members which are reviewed by the Junior Organiser. Coaching is given on Monday summer evenings starting at 6.00pm, when the course is usually reserved for Juniors.

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Social Membership allows entry to the Clubhouse at any time and attendance at social events organised by the Club. It would be necessary for a Green Fee to be paid to play golf.

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Second Club Membership

We can offer those persons who are full members of another Golf Club the opportunity to become a member of Whitstable & Seasalter G.C at the cost of £350 per annum to be paid as one payment.

There are no time restrictions to play subject to the usual tee reservations BUT certain Club competitions will not be able to be entered. They are also not able to represent the Club in matches (friendly matches excepted).

They still to have to purchase shares in the Club (£100).

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You can download an application form on our Contact page.

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