Members Dress Code


At all times, members and guests must be smartly dressed.

On the Course

Gentlemen should wear collared shirts, collar-less golf shirts, or roll neck shirts tucked into waistbands. Shorts should be properly tailored (no combat, sports or beach styles).

Proper Golf Shoes (not trainers) should be worn.

No shell suits, tracksuits, or leggings.

Trousers should not be tucked into socks.

Jeans are not permitted.

No football shirts.

In the Clubhouse

No Golf shoes are permitted (including those with soft soles or cleats), except when ordering food, when players must keep to the matted areas.

No waterproofs should be worn

Caps or hats are not permitted.

Smart jeans (including blue) are permitted. They must not be cut, torn or bleached.


Mobile Phones

On the Course

Except in an emergency, mobile phones should not be used.

In the Clubhouse:

Their silent use only is permitted.


Club Rules

Issued 10th November 2018

Download Club Rules in PDF or read below:


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