Club Officials 2017/18

PresidentJohn Clarke01227 791674
Club CaptainHoward Gordon07739 833007
Lady CaptainSue Pout01227 273773
Men’s Vice CaptainRichard Davis07885 458028
Lady Vice CaptainLouise Tucker01227 266116
Finance DirectorDavid Howland07432 677304
Old Salts CaptainColin Holton07516 401088
Mid Week CaptainAlan Fowler07505 067235
Junior Organisers /
Welfare Officer
Mel Bashford
John Wegner01227 261009
Men’s Handicap SecretaryPeter Fox01227 368085
Ladies Handicap SecretaryFran Price01227 771007
Clubhouse ManagerMel Bashford07521 972369
Club SecretaryJohn Stokes01227 373006
07856 799940



All aspects of the Club’s business (i.e. Seasalter Golf Club Limited and Whitstable & Seasalter Golf Club ) are managed by a President and a Board of Directors of the Limited Company, who may delegate responsibilities to the appointed Captain of the Club. He may in turn further delegate certain responsibilities to members of the appointed Club General Management Committee or its Sub-Committees. By tradition the President and the Club Captain are appointed members of both the Board and the General Management Committee.

For the year 2017/8:

The Board of Directors of the Limited Company

President & DirectorMr John Clarke
Club Captain & DirectorMr Howard Gordon (ex-officio)
Company Secretary & DirectorMr John Stokes
Financial DirectorMr David Howland
DirectorMrs Mel Bashford
DirectorMr Brian Best
DirectorMr Ted Henderson
DirectorMr David Howland
DirectorMr Malcolm Kent
DirectorMrs Shirley Rosser
DirectorMrs Louise Tucker

The General Management Committee of the Club

PresidentMr John Clarke
Mens CaptainMr Howard Gordon
Mens Vice CaptainMr Richard Davis
Lady CaptainMrs Sue Pout
Lady Vice CaptainMrs Louise Tucker
Hon.SecretaryMr John Stokes
Additional MembersMr Andy Selwood
Mrs Mary Calthrop
Mr Peter Fox
Junior RepresentativeMrs Mel Bashford

Permanent & Part Time Employees

GreenkeeperMr Steve Suttle
Assistant GreenkeeperMr Seth Devine

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